I was told by my 8th grade teacher that I had art coming out of my fingers. In my junior year in high school I took an art class as an elective and did my first acrylic painting. But then life got busy. Years later I got a set of acrylics to get started again and was still too busy. In the spring of 2019, I finally got started again. I’ve been trying a variety of mediums and doing a lot of practice pieces to get my skills and creativity going.

I’m loving doing it again. I have posted some on Facebook and I was amazed at how people like them. That is what made me decide to do this page. I’m not professional and don’t sell things. But I love giving them to friends. I’m also going to be giving them as prizes for fundraising contests for Pershing Rifles Foundation.

I hope you enjoy these.


All but one of these was done with my new favorite, Real Brush Pens that have water based ink. The other one was done with pastels.

Still Life Study

The large picture is the original sketch and the top ones are (L-R) colored pencils, pastel pens, real brush pens. I’ve still got to do one in acrylics and water colors. As you can tell, they each changed to less as I went on.


For some reason, this Gallery feature sometimes changes the orientation from what it started with. There is one upside down one in the Abstracts. The one on the right was my first thing I did. It was taken from a black and white picture taken by a family friend when I was 4. The picture had me playing on the left. It is the view from the cabin on a hill at Sunset Lake between Bartlesville and Pawhuska, Oklahoma. My grandmother had bought the cabin the year before. The landscape on the right was the first work I did with the Real Brush Pens and was from a watercolor instruction book.


This one did not reduce like it should have. When I get more birds up, I’ll try again to get it reduced. This was done with the real brush pens.


The one on the upper left is the first and best one I’ve done. I’m sure I’ll do more.

Study on “Flowers in a Vase”

These were inspired from something in a magazine. Left: Acrylics. This is when I discovered that you get Blue Turquoise when you add white to Turquoise. Middle: Real Brush Pens: doing the shading was hard since they dry fast, but I got better flowers. Right: Acrylics on a small canvas. This is closest to the inspiration piece.

Contact Information

Linda Grissette, [email protected]