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When I was a Freshman at the University of Oklahoma.....a long time age (yes, the fall of 1967 was a long time ago and yet some times it feels like only yesterday), two girls in uniforms came into my dorm meeting. They told us abbout an ROTC related girl's drill team organization called Coed Affiliate Pershing Rifles (CAPERS for short).  They also mentioned that the National Headquarters of the organization was our school.

Instantly I thought: "WOW!  This is for brother was in Pershing Rifles.  If I work hard, I might even get a chance at being on National Staff and maybe even run the organization? (remember, I didn't know terms like National Commander yet)

Well, that is how it all began.

What I didn't know was that the national organization had only been official since November of 1966 (less than a year).  I also didn't know that there had been some problems after the name was changed from Kaydettes to CAPERS and there was no local company and only 5 members returned and were all on National Staff.

I ended up being the only member at the first National Headquarters to stay in for 4 full years and had a challenging, yet wonderful year as National Commander.  Then I married a P/R and became an officers wife and then building my career in real estate.  But CAPERS and Pershing Rifles never left my heart.  I would never have thought that in 2010, I'd be back at a convention starting my adult volunteer work helping the Pershing family of organizations.

Here is an overview of my personal history in both periods of time

CAPER NHQ jobs I worked on

G-1 (Adjutant)
G-2 (Expansion)
G-4 (Supply)
Finance Officer
Chief of Staff
Deputy National Commander
National Commander

CAPER Awards

Yellow Rose Award
White Rose Award
Distinguished Service Award
National Commander's Award

Jobs done as an alumnae

Director, The Pershing Rifles Group for 6 1/2 years
Expansion Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
President, Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (the name has now changed)
Currently, I am the Assistant Executive Director of The Pershing Foundation

Award as an alumne

Order of Pershing

My CAPER History Book is now available for sale

A page just for CAPER Alumnae and alumnae of other coed groups related to Pershing Rifles before CAPERS ended.

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