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I’ve known about some of my family most of my life, as there was a 5-generation chart in my baby book.  My Grissette family loved the fact that my great-great grandfather was born in France and Dad told me he was born in Paris and that 2 of his brothers came over with him.  My niece even took French in school since she knew she was French.

Then when I was probably in Junior High, my grandfather brought me a copy and microfilm of his older half-sister’s DAR application.  That is how I knew my mother’s Morrison line back to my 5x great parents. 

After retirement, my uncle Howard Morrison got into genealogy.  While in Salt Lake City researching, he copied a book with more details on the Morrison ancestors from the 1930’s.  He gave everyone a copy.  He told mom that he had found a straight female line to Eleanor Bryan, the sister of Rebecca who married Daniel Boone.

My youngest cousin who stayed living in the area around my hometown was told a lot more than I was.  My uncle moved to a nursing home near my oldest cousin before he died.  She made a copy of his “overview” for her sisters when he died, but not for my brother and me.  I have tried to get her to share the materials she has of his, but have gotten no response. 

Oops, I got ahead of myself there.

On November 11, 2013, I got a response form from this website from a Grissett family genealogist asking what I knew about my family.  I knew my brother had Dad’s Family Tree Maker file where he recorded the information that he knew and remembered about his family.  I had my brother send it to the genealogist.   On the November 17 the genealogist sent me 3 articles on the family and related names from three National Genealogy Society quarterlies from 1978.  On the November 20 the genealogist sent me documentation on my great grandfather, great-great grandfather and great-great grandmother.  As I read them, I almost went into shock.  Dad grew up learning about the family from his grandfather (who he lived with for a while).  How could my great grandfather have gotten his PARENTS so wrong?  John E. Grissette (really Grissett) was NOT born in France, but in North Carolina.  His wife was NOT Mary Rugg who was born in Louisiana, but Lucinda J. Rugg who was born in Alabama where they met and got married (Pike County).  He included the land grant John got in Bradford County, Arkansas as well as two census records from there to show my great grandparent and his siblings so I’d know it was my family for sure.

For a while I felt like my world had been turned upside down….and I still knew nothing more about my Grissette family. 

Soon I got on to Ancestry and added the information I had from the 5-generation chart and from the new information.  I took a 10-week class at my local library and went to the NGS Family Conference when it was about 6 miles from home.  My mind was blown with the knowledge I received.  It will be back here in 2019, so I’ll be prepared to learn more. 

When I talk to family members I’ve found on Ancestry and Facebook, one Morrison 2nd cousin keeps saying that she is waiting for me to publish a book so she can buy it.  I can’t afford to self-publish a book, so I decided to use this website as a way to get the information and stories I’ve found…..and even my “possibility thinking” about the my extended family.

As I get each page on my family done, I’ll put the links here and will notify family on FB with each addition, as well as changes to pages.


Because these genealogy pages are primarily for letting my family know what I’ve found, I will not be citing my documentation.   But I will comment on a line when I'm not sure of the connections.  

These pages are also for attracting other relatives (no matter how distant) who are working the same line in hopes that we can work together to find out more.  I will share documents you don’t have, as long as you share what you have and I don’t have.

I’m not a professional genealogist, but this is a “labor of love”

If you’d like to contact me, please go to my contact page and leave a message in the genealogy section (along with your name and contact information, of course)

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